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Ready to register your reward to begin the redemption process? Before you begin, we strongly recommend you review our How it Works page and our Redemption Instructions & Terms of Use. Once you've done that, just locate your Retail Rebate Reward code.  It should begin with “RRR”. 

Enter your code below, along with your email address and zipcode, to begin the reward registration process. Please be sure to include the full code (both letters and numbers). NOTE: Codes can be redeemed only once, and only by the individual who received them. Multiple attempted redemptions will result in de-activation of the codes.

Your Reward Code: (May be called a “Redemption Code” or “PIN” in your materials)

Your Email Address:

Your Zipcode:

  Questions about how the redemption process works? Click here.
Want to view our Redemption Instructions and Terms of Use? Click here.

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